• Fraud
  • Risk
  • Crm
  • Payments
  • Support
  • Acquisition
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Phone Identification
  • Account Baseline
  • Data matching /cleansing
  • Monitoring
  • Biometrics
  • MNO Account information
  • Device information
  • Phone lookup
  • Address lookup
  • Profile data

Trusted global mobile identity data and capabilities on one platform

Strengthen your applications with key identity signals offered by the Danal platform. Flexible APIs enable you to mix and match for your custom needs. Danal’s platform offers the most reliable and current user identity data leveraging its global network of mobile operator connections and authoritative data sources.

Additionally, the platform leverages sophisticated algorithms and advanced machine learning to provide high confidence fraud signals, monitoring and device level real time authentication.

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Solutions built on the mobile identity platform for
conversions, authentication, fraud prevention and compliance

Instant Acquisition

Boost your customer conversions and sign up new users with authoritative data from Danal platform


Phone Verification

Seamless phone number verification in your app during signups, logins, and high-value transactions.


Fraud Prevention

Prevent frauds such as account takeover, chargebacks, device spoofing, and forwarding with predictive signals from the Danal platform.



Meet KYC and AML regulatory compliance checks, while lowering the time taken to perform checks and improve the overall customer experience.



Meet your compliance needs and ensure zero penalties by leveraging the most recent, accurate and wide reaching data & proactive user monitoring.


Why Danal?

Best in Class Technology

Battle tested, flexible and scalable technology built by a team with decades of mobile and identity experience.

Most Accurate

Recent and highly accurate data and algorithms.

Global Coverage

Widest reach and access to customers wherever you do business.

Trusted Partner

Trusted by financial institutions, fortune 500 and mobile operators globally.

Digital Identity

Danal Wins 2018 Trailblazer Award at the KNOW Identity Conference.

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