Technical Product Manager

Job Description and Responsibilities:

The Technical Product Manager (TPM) will recommend and architect the nature and scope of present and future technology product lines by reviewing product specifications and requirements based on customer and market needs. TPM will apply customer management and business consultancy skills to engage our customers and act as product evangelist. Assess product performance by calling on customers with sales people and evaluating sales call results and also determine customers’ needs by specifying the research needed to obtain information. TPM will apply in-depth technical knowledge about Application Programming Interface (API) technologies like REST or SOAP in JSON, XML and NVP formats to help our customers understand and integrate to Danal products. Using backend database proficiency (including MySQL and/or SQL query writing) and programming and scripting abilities (such as Java, Python, Perl, PHP, or similar) TPM will expand use of our products and services with customers and will provide technical expertise for Danal’s customers (merchants, carriers and other partners) with onboarding, technical integration, functional troubleshooting, feature explanation, best practice guidance, launch plan, and monitoring. TPM will be responsible for directing the overall relationship with customers in Mobile Identity line of business, focusing on increasing adoption, ensuring retention, and satisfaction. TPM will maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending seminars while researching latest technology and market trends.

More specific duties include but are not limited to: establishing a trusted/strategic advisor relationship with customers; working with customers to establish critical goals; working to identify and/or develop upsell opportunities; working with Sales, Product and Engineering departments to enhance and develop new product capabilities, ensuring that Danal’s Knowledge Base stays current; monitoring product performance and analyzing trends in customer utilization of the product; and, preparing reports on customer utilization for senior management and periodically review statistics on the support function and implement changes to address potential gaps.


Minimum Requirements:

Education:                   Masters Degree in Business Administration

Training:                      None

Experience:                 24 months in same or similar position


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