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Danal powers the next generation of m-commerce.
  • Identity Management
  • AutoFill
  • Compliance

How Danal Identity Management Works

Danal has created a risk management platform that identifies, verifies and validates financial transactions in real-time.

These features allow financial institutions and other enterprises to establish and track subscribers' identities, instantly authenticate subscribers from a mobile device, perform risk analysis on transaction attempts, and make better informed decisions regarding subscriber activities.

Make m-commerce more secure for your customers.
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Provide immediate alerts of subscriber account profile changes, such as stolen phones or number migration
Location tracking paired with mobile identification to enhance fraud prevention with geolocation

How Danal Autofill Works

Danal securely authenticates mobile subscribers by generating an authentic mobile ID from the live mobile operator networks. This allows merchants to confidently provide consumers with automatic form fill of personal and payment information on mobile websites and in native applications.
Start turning visits into conversions with Danal.
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Automatic completion of registration and checkout forms for mobile subscribers
Improved user purchase and registration on input constrained mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets
Secure payment and identity transactions process only with industry mandated consumer consent
Merchants can compare subscriber account and device data extracted from multiple primary and secondary sources, maximizing the accuracy of mobile subscriber data

How Danal Compliance Solutions Work

Danal has created a comprehensive, gold standard solution to enable you to determine whether the phone number in your system still belongs to the person you are trying to call or text. We offer multiple integration and testing options to enable you to be compliant faster.
Boost your compliance confidence with Danal.
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Use real-time mobile carrier services such as Data Match, Account Status and Account Tenure and many other attributes to verify the identity of your client and help you make an informed decision.
Monitor phone deactivations and number transfers using daily carrier feeds to determine changes in ownership.