Danal's platform is built around verified authentic data for a user from mobile network operators and other authoritative sources. All user data is accessed in a secure and private manner with appropriate mobile network operator approved authentication and end user consent. Danal does not store any user information.

Phone Identification

Identify users in real-time based on the device they connect with. Frictionless, platform agnostic phone identification provides best in class security and user experience at the same time

Account Baseline

Catch bad actors while reducing the friction for your real users by baselining with a unique profile, number and device tokens. Match against this baseline throughout the account lifecycle to step up authentication or prevent access

Data Matching / Cleansing

Validate customer data from your databases against an authoritative and recent source. Be it new customers or existing data in your CRM, match and cleanse before your next interaction


Proactively catch issues by having Danal monitor your customers for key profile and device level changes.


Make interactions with your business seamless by associating multiple biometric methods like Fingerprint, retina scan, 3D facial recognition and voice recognition.


Real time network based location for the user. Ensure that transactions on your platform are taking place from where you expect them.

MNO Account Information

Account and service information about the user, available over real-time network access points with the MNO. This enables you to distinguish fraudulent behavior and secure signals for your customers.

Device Information

Access real mobile device & SIM information for users connecting with your business to eliminate fraudsters, spoofing and gain real-time knowledge to better serve your real customers

Phone Lookup

Lookup user’s mobile number when they connect to your app or website using their mobile device

Address Lookup

Most recent mailing address information for your users validated by authoritative sources

Profile Data

Access current and verified user profile information like name and email for your customers across the globe

  • Fraud
  • Risk
  • Crm
  • Payments
  • Support
  • Acquisition
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Phone Identification
  • Account Baseline
  • Data matching /cleansing
  • Monitoring
  • Biometrics
  • MNO Account information
  • Device information
  • Phone lookup
  • Address lookup
  • Profile data
  • Data
  • Capabilities
  • Business function

The widest mobile network operator (MNO) coverage for your business

Reach and protect your users and business globally. Danal’s market-leading platform operates on in all major economies

The Leading Mobile Identity Platform

Most Accurate

The most accurate and recent identity for your users

Maximum coverage

The widest reaching platform for your global business

Platform agnostic

Apps, websites or call centers protect your users and business everywhere


Flexible APIs to meet your custom business processes


Highly performant platform scales to meet the growing needs of your business

Battle tested

Built and tested with variety of real-world scenarios

Solutions built on the mobile identity platform for
conversions, authentication, fraud prevention and compliance

Instant Acquisition

Boost your customer conversions and sign up new users with authoritative data from Danal platform



Bolster your app during account creation, log ins and high impact transactions by using Danal phone identification and key attributes.


Fraud Prevention

Prevent frauds such as account takeover, chargebacks, device spoofing, SMS hacking and forwarding by leveraging predictive signals from the Danal platform.



As your business goes digital and global, meet KYC and AML regulatory compliance checks, while lowering the time taken to perform these checks and improving the overall customer experience.



Meet your compliance needs and ensure zero penalties by leveraging the most recent, accurate and wide reaching data & proactive user monitoring.


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